It Looks Good There!!!

Paper Flowers have the potential to last for years! Therefore, using paper flowers vs. real flowers has its advantages. For example, you can add paper flowers to your bicycle basket (as posted in my previous blog), picture frames, office supplies, etc.  

You have to think outside the box and add them to places that can use a little something. You don’t have to go out and spend money on something to decorate, just Look around your home for objects you already have. 

I would recommend finding an object you have at home and then make your paper flowers to match the color scheme. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your decor!!!


Bicycle Flower Basket

This was a fun project. I love how it turned out. You can match the flowers to your own bicycle’s color scheme. 

Using the no glue method from my previous blog post, this Flower Basket was done fairly quickly. The paper fasteners attached easily and made rearranging the flowers manageable. 

This was definitely a fun project and I can’t wait for spring weather to take it out for a spin. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I usually post projects there first before writing a quick blog. Also, in case anyone is interested in ordering a custom paper Flower Basket, these run about $65 + shipping. 

Thanks for stopping by!!! 



Skip the glue.

Making paper flowers is tedious and can get messy. Glue is widely used to put these babies together. But sometimes, i ain’t got time for all that. 

I’m currently working on decorating a bicycle basket and since it already has holes, i figured that using paper fasteners would be the most effective way to attach the flowers to the basket. And, if I can just fasten through the flower, I can skip the gluing process altogether. 

So far, it’s working out fantastic. It’s saved me so much time. At first I cut the petals using my Cameo Silhouette and I used a hole punch to cut the holes….silly me.

All I had to do was add the hole in my template and my machine now does the work for me.  

Easy does it. Check back soon for my finished product. Thanks for visiting. ๐Ÿ™‚


The Set-Up.ย 

Just wanted to share the final stage of this project. I must say that once you start putting everything up, it’s like space changes up on you. 

I laid these flowers out so many times and in all different kinds of ways. Once I started putting up the flowers, everything was rearranged all over again. 

 Overall, I’m happy with how this office flowerwall turned out. I think that rearranging your set-up is just part of the process. So don’t fret if you have an idea in mind and it doesn’t turn out like you planned. ๐Ÿ˜


Attention to Detail

Paper flowers can be as simple or as busy as you want them to be. Even if you decide to go with a busy look, you can still maintain a level of elegance. 

Adding a center to your flower is a must. But you can go another step and add a center to your center, and finish it off with the cherry on top. In this case, the “cherry” is a pearl. 

The beige flower is my center to a much larger flower. The rouge stamen is my 2nd center, and the pearl is the cherry on top!

We can stop here and have a fabulous flower that’s ready to go and pollinate with some paper bee’s. Or, we can add some more detail. Stems and petals please!

Doesn’t that look lovely. This set up can stand alone and look great, or you can combine it with other flowers. Either way, adding details is a great way to complete your design. 


Fun with Vinyl

Today was one of those days where I decided “I’m going to do this”, and I did! I conquered my first vinyl decal like a BOSS.

I’ve tried making a vinyl decal before but this time it was extra special because I got the design right and had the transfer tape to put it all together. 

Even though I used a Cameo Silhouette, I did use Cricut’s vinyl paper. 

It was a lot of fun making the vinyl decal and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Below is a picture of my first attempt. It didn’t come out bad, but some of the thinner areas were cut off. I didn’t use the transfer tape the first time around. 

Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy! Good luck with your vinyl projects everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚


Paper Flowersย 

I absolutely love paper flowers. They are time consuming, but fairly easy to make. All you really need are scissors, glue, and paper. I used my cutting machine for the center of the flower and for the leaves. But you can cut all of these by hand if needed.

Paper flowers make for amazing party/home decor. A large flower requires about 17 sheets of 12×12 inch paper. The paper flower shown above is a medium sized flower and took about 7 sheets of 12×12 inch card stock paper. It’s safe to say that a small flower would require about 3 sheets of 12×12 inch paper.

Adding leaves/stems really does enhance the look of your designs. This is more practical for home decor since you will usually use less flowers then you’d use for an event. For event backdrops, adding a couple of leaves usually works best.

The centers for your flower will vary in size and design. They are typically added as the final touches. Without the centers, your flowers will look empty and most likely have a huge gap in the center. So do plan on using a center for your flower.

^^^ New Years Backdrop 2017 made by yours truly. (No, that is not a cigar. It’s a cookie) 


Minnie Mouse Straw decor…..

I used my Cameo Silhouette 3 but you can just cut out the templates by hand if needed. As a newbie I must say it took me a few attempts to get the design right. But using my Cameo Silhouette made this so much easier.

Depending on your design you may need to adjust your settings so I recommend cutting one at a time until everything fits perfectly.

This is the template I made on the Cameo Silhouette software. The Minnie outline is about 2×2″ and the cut lines inside Minnie are about 1.5cm’s. Minnie’s bow is 1 inch long and about 2cm’s in height. For Silhouette users, The blue line represents what the scketch pen will draw in and the red lines will be cut.

The first set of ears and bows I made were too small to fit in the straw so I had to go bigger. This is why I recommend making one at a time and make sure the cuts will fit the straw your using before you make a lot of Minnie ears. Then proceed with the bow. If using computer software, all you have to do is stretch out the designs until they fit with what your working with.

This template can also be used for cupcake toppers using a toothpick. You will just need to decrease the cut lines inside of the Minnie template. Good luck on your creations!


Jazelle86 -Paper Designs

Paper products such as custom invitations, photo props, party decor, etc. have become a focus of my designs mainly because I have had a lot of practice with my own family events. It has given me the inspiration to take on new opportunities. 

Most projects require minimal equipment and supplies, but will require a lot of time. I recently became an owner of a Cameo Silhouette 3. It has changed my process and has inspired me to make! It’s a game changer for crafters everywhere. This cutting machine will cut precise details that truly increase the wow factor to all designs and will save a lot of cutting time. 

Paper designs are my happy place. I can’t wait to finish my newest projects as they come along. Check back often for some cool stuff!!