Wonder Woman Frame…


@Silhouette.usa created a contest and each participant was able to share a Wonder Woman project via Instagram in order to gain an extra entry.  I created a Wonder Woman frame for a coffee station/bar. 

The Silhouette Studio recently changed the whole look in the latest update. So during the first step, which is the design phase, I had to learn where everything was. I’m glad I took on this project because I got to practice with the new software display. 

Next, I had to figure out which colors I would go with. I knew that I wanted to use a pattern and it had to be yellow or gold. Luckily I had this lemon wedge pattern and it paired nicely with the darker colors.  I had an old white bordered frame that’s got some texture and imperfections so it gives the frame a grungy look. 

The finished product! (Above)

This is a cute little addition to the coffee station/bar. It fits nicely since the frame itself is small, roughly about 8’x10′ in size. Hopefully I win a little something in the contest. Wish me luck!! 😁

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Baby Boy “Baby” banner.

        I recently finished this baby boy banner for a baby shower. At first I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out, especially because there’s not a lot of items available for teddy bear themed showers! It’s always fun and challenging coming up with new designs, and I’m happy that this turned out super cute.

I knew that I didn’t want to put flowers on this banner because flowers add a very feminine touch to the project. So I tried the pinwheels and I’m glad that it worked out well for this specific project. 

The teddy bear theme turned out to be a fitting theme for a baby boy! Matching invitations are soon going to be out for delivery. 🤗

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Photo shoots for your Etsy listings??


I recently started selling some of my projects on I must say that it has been pretty challenging to keep up with all that comes along with starting your own online shop. First off,  I have to say that Etsy really does have a lot of helpful information to get you started and to hopefully create a successful business. 


One of the most important things that I have learned is that you have to put a lot of effort into taking some nice photo’s. I will admit that this is something I am still working on as I do not consider myself a professional photographer. I would recommend browsing around some of Etsy’s more successful shops and check out the type of photo’s they are using to display their items.

Check out my photo below:

img_2698It’s Kind of like when you see an average persons home, you really want to aim for the “Model Home” Lol!!!   It is a challenge to get a good photo, but its not impossible to sell on Etsy if your photo of your items is not professionally done. So don’t be discouraged if you start of like me. I did get my first sale and as you can see, I’m just your average Joe Photographer!!

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Heat Transfer Vinyl

I finally got around to using heat Transfer vinyl (HTV) on the onesies I had previously purchased from Hobby Lobby. I used my Cameo Silhouette 3 to cut the image out and I used my iron to transfer the material onto the fabric. 

A few tips when using the Cameo to cut your images:

1) Since your not going to use your cutting mat, make sure that you use a sheet longer than your image size so that the rollers still have something to grip to. 

2) Remember to “mirror” your image so it’s in the right direction when your ready to iron onto your fabric. 

I will say that the baby carriage image needed to be handled differently due to the small pieces that had to be removed. If you don’t have the proper tools you may want to stick to images without so much detail. Overall, this was a fairly easy project and the onesies came out really cute once finished. Check them out on my Etsy Shop: Jazelle86 


Moana Birthday Theme 

I’m so excited to finally be completely finished with this project because now I get to show it off!!  I absolutely love tropical themes such as the one used with this Moana order.

I made a birthday banner and some centerpiece bundles.

I had the images printed on photo paper at staples and I used my Cameo Silhouette 3 to cutout all the flowers,leaves, and pennants.

It was very time consuming but I’m happy with the way it all came out in the end. Hopefully my client agrees. 😀

Thank you for visiting. Check back soon for my next adventure in paper designs.

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Godzilla Birthday Theme…

IMG_6028 A few years ago, before I had my cutting machine, my son asked me for a Godzilla themed birthday party. I was like “sure, ok”. But I was really thinking “why can’t they pick a theme that’s easy to find at a local party supply shop”? Luckily a friend of mine, who has the Cricut, was able to help. She made a banner and a photo prop. It just adds that extra touch so everything comes together.

Since I got my Cameo Silhouette, I’ve been making all kinds of crafty messes in my living room. I recently had some spare time and started an Etsy store: I wanted to make a Godzilla birthday bundle because I know that there are other Mother’s out there who are looking for ideas on how to make this theme a reality.


I decided to go with a Godzilla silhouette. I think that the silhouette keeps the image and color scheme simple. In my bundle, I include the following:

  • Birthday Banner
  • (2) Pinwheels
  • (2) Circle Garlands
  • (24) Cupcake Toppers + (1) Godzilla Cupcake Topper for the birthday boy. (image not included).



I was pretty happy with the finished product. Hopefully there’s a child out there who will be able to enjoy this for his birthday in the future. What do you guys think?



There’s A First Time For Everything!

This was my first large order since I started offering my services as a paper artist. I am grateful for the opportunity because I’ve learned some valuable lessons from this experience. 

One of the biggest lessons learned was how to price the order. Each size flower requires a set amount of sheets of paper you will use. Now, depending on how much you will spend on the sheets of paper, you’ll have an idea of how much to charge. Add to that how many sheets you need for the centerpiece of the flower and the embellishments. Plus any other supplies such as glue and in my case the cutting mats and blades for my cutting machine. 

Another lesson learned during this process was the back wiring of the flower. Clients need to have some form of attaching their flowers to their backdrop and I found that floral wire works really well with cardstock and hot glue. It makes the set up so much easier and makes your flowers look a bit more professional.

This project was a lot of work but so worth it. I think this set up turned out beautifully and my clients were extremely satisfied. Many of the party guests enjoyed the flowers as well. I can’t wait to show you guys the next project in the works. Check back soon!! 🌹🌺🌸💋


Tools and Supplies 

I recently purchased a new tool that I found to be very useful. So I decided to blog about the tools and supplies I use for making my creations. 

You don’t need a lot of tools and supplies to make paper flowers. Some tools work better than others, but in the end, whatever works best for you is key. You learn as you go and you have to try things out to know what will work for you. 


Some basic tools that I use on a daily basis are: Cameo Silhouette 3, scissors, spatula and glue. 

I just purchased the Hot Glue gun from RYOBI. I like the fact that it’s cordless and it makes gluing flowers onto backdrops so much easier. You don’t have to worry about finding an outlet or the cord not reaching far enough. 

My supplies are mostly paper and embellishments. For my paper, I like to get the packs in bulk at Michaels when they have their $5 “Hot Buy” sale, normally the packs are sold at $19.99 each. You get 48 sheets of 12X12 cardstock. You can’t beat that!!!

What tools work best for you?? 

Thanks for visiting, catch ya next time!!!


Matching Colors

When a potential client comes to you for an order of paper flowers, they usually already have a color scheme in mind. I wanted to share a color palette that was given to me recently.

The potential client found this color pallete from Pinterest and sent it to me via text. The following photo is a comparison of the color palette to the paper.

  They seem to match pretty good so I decided to make some samples for my potential client. 

This set of four flowers consist of One XL flower, One Large flower and Two Medium sized flowers. They all have centers attached as well. 

Even though the flowers turned out beautifully, and the colors used were closely matched to the color palette, visually it’s not what I expected. So, now I’m thinking that I will need to add more of the dominating colors so that the color scheme is more present. 

What do you think??

 Check back soon for more  paper designs by me 🙂


It Looks Good There!!!

Paper Flowers have the potential to last for years! Therefore, using paper flowers vs. real flowers has its advantages. For example, you can add paper flowers to your bicycle basket (as posted in my previous blog), picture frames, office supplies, etc.  

You have to think outside the box and add them to places that can use a little something. You don’t have to go out and spend money on something to decorate, just Look around your home for objects you already have. 

I would recommend finding an object you have at home and then make your paper flowers to match the color scheme. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your decor!!!